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Advertise with NUVO. We cover everything Central Indiana cares about, from arts to food to music to social justice and environmental concerns. NUVO is available in print every Wednesday, in special guides five times a year, and online all the time.
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Fearlessly Independent, Deeply Local

In 1990, a small bunch of free-thinkers came to the conclusion that Indianapolis needed an independent voice — a voice designed, as one early editor put it, “to make trouble.” That concept matured into a mission statement that directs us “to empower intelligent, open-minded innovators through storytelling…NUVO is created by and for people who love our community, our culture and our environment.” 

We cover everything Central Indiana cares about, from arts to food to music to social justice and environmental concerns, all in our own unique, irreverent and passionate manner. NUVO is available in print every Wednesday, in special guides five times a year, and online all the time.

Readership & Demographics

When you bring your message to NUVO’s loyal audience, you’re reaching:


Total Combined Print & Digital Monthly Readership


Reading Print Paper Monthly


Online Users Per Year

Spending Power

Our NUVO audience represents over $25 million monthly in local food and entertainment market spending.

Age Range

36% Ages 18-34 34.8% Ages 35-54 29.2% Ages 55+


53.7% Under 50K 21% 50K to 100K 25.3% 100k 36% Ages 18-34 34.8% Ages 35-54 29.2% Ages 55+ 49.6% Mobile 43.26% Desktop 7.08% Tablet 46.8% Male Readers 53.2% Female Readers 91.3% Attended College 8.7% Other Education

Education Level

23% High School Graduate 23% Some College 28% College Graduate 26% Advanced College Degree

Source: Voice Media Group, Google Analytics


NUVO delivers over 25,000 copies every Wednesday to 1,000 Central Indiana locations in counter racks, freestanding racks and newspaper boxes. NUVO’s distribution is audited by a third party company verifying circulation numbers, drops and returns. Current Publisher statements are available on request.

You can find NUVO in convenience stores, grocery stores such as Kroger, college campuses, libraries, bars, restaurants and similar businesses located all over Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Fishers, Avon, Zionsville and areas in between. For a current map of distribution locations, see our Find a NUVO page.


First place:

Category: Coverage of Government or Politics
Katherine Coplen, Emily Taylor and Amber Stearns

R.I.P. women’s rights in Indiana
Judge’s comments: “Incredibly detailed reporting covers the passing of HEA 1337 from beginning to end. Congrats on your hard work!”

Category: Business or Consumer Affairs Reporting
Amber Stearns and Annika Larson

Let’s get hemp-notized!
Judge’s comments: “Let’s Get Hemp-notized is a comprehensive study of a story that combines history with a modern predicament, leveraging personalities and policy challenges. An important story told in an engaging way.”

Category: Environmental Reporting (Publication circulation below 30,000)
Katja Krasnovsky

What’s in the water?
Judge’s comments: “This in-depth story not only contains valuable and important information, it presents it in a way that is accessible and clear, even to today’s distracted reader. It was obviously the product of much research and benefited from involving many members of the newsroom and production staff — it clearly distinguished itself among the competition.”

Second place:

Category: Coverage of Minority Issues

Emily Taylor
Healthcare in the closet
Category: Arts and Entertainment Writing
Katherine Coplen
Songs on Screen: Local musician Kelly Pardekooper is already inside your head

Category: Graphics and Illustrations
by Dave Windisch
Vinyl Quest: Your journey toward and epic Record Store Day

Category: Magazine Cover Design
by Will McCarty and Joey Smith
Pride Stalls at the Statehouse


Third place: 

Category: Features Writing
Emily Taylor
Gentrifying Indy?

DIGITAL REACH is updated daily with everything from breaking stories to thoughtful opinion pieces, food and entertainment news/reviews and concert announcements. Our listings calendar is updated constantly, too — and the site’s supported with an active, multi-platform social media strategy.


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37.6% Under 50K 18.1% 50K to 75K 30.5% 75K 32.2% Ages 18-34 42.3% Ages 35-54 24.5% Ages 55+ 49.6% Mobile 43.26% Desktop 7.08% Tablet 47.3% Male Readers 52.7% Female Readers 91.3% Attended College 8.7% Other Education


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